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18 Mar 2019 07:20 - 19 Mar 2019 20:16 #9192 par Jacobcullen
Hello everyone,

Can anyone recommend a good method to start an eCommerce store for a brick-and-mortar shop? I am working with a client who is currently using Virtuemart, but the problem we are running into is that to get the website to do what we want, we have to purchase several separate plug-ins and extensions, which is looking to cost way more than we want to spend.

I am hoping to get the client moved to a new product that includes what she needs from the start. She needs a way to batch import/edit products, take payments, and connect to her current inventory system (Closer). She would prefer to stay with Joomla, but is willing to move from Virtuemart.

Does anyone have any advice for us? We just want to be able to sell her products in an easy, inexpensive manner.

Thank you so much for any tips!
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